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T​he Harford County Democratic Central Committee is made up of 5 women and 5 men who are elected to serve four year terms plus appointed Associate Members. The Central Committees election is during the gubernatorial primary. The Central Committee acts as the local branch of the Maryland Democratic Party. The Committee Chair is the official Head of the Democratic Party in Harford County.​

Denise Perry

Chris Boardman

Phone:        443-360-5322


Facebook:​ ​

Twitter:      @HarCoDemocrats

​​​Suzanne Oshinsky


Rev. Cordell Hunter

​​​Carol Bruce


JoWanda Strickland Lucas

Stephen Puopolo


Vice Chair

Waqi Alam

Tom Shivers

Associate Members:

Amina Hall

Committee Officers

​​Who We Are

Adam Hiob

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Harford Democratic Central Committee​

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